Childhood Movies: Growing up in the 90’s

In the year 2000, I turned fifteen, as did a lot of other people. Here are some of the amazing movies I can remember watching during my formative years. This is in no way a complete list of the movies I saw during that time, it’s just the ones I can remember well enough to know that they had a part in creating me. Every movie listed is from the 90’s or earlier.

I encourage you to leave comments regarding the many films I left out.

(Note: I will try to update this with links, images, quotes, and plot summaries.)


  1. The Goonies
  2. Kindergarten Cop
  3. Twins
  4. The Labyrinth
  5. The Wizard
  6. Willow
  7. The Princess Bride
  8. The Neverending Story 1, 2
  9. ET
  10. Hook
  11. The Karate Kid 1, 2
  12. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  13. Little Monsters
  14. The Incredible Mr. Limpet
  15. One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater
  16. Little Rascals
  17. Dennis the Menace
  18. Little Shop of Horrors
  19. Ernest Scared Stupid / Ernest Goes to Camp / Ernest Goes to Jail
  20. Mrs. Doubtfire
  21. Nothing But Trouble
  22. Radio Flyer
  23. Camp Nowhere
  24. Lucas
  25. The Air Up There
  26. Time Bandits
  27. Trading Places
  28. Coming to America
  29. Beverly Hills Cop
  30. Just One of the Guys
  31. Heavy Weights
  32. The Witches
  33. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
  34. Space Jam
  35. Three Ninjas
  36. Casper
  37. The Lost Boys
  38. Emperor’s New Groove
  39. Real Genius
  40. Better Off Dead
  41. Teen Wolf
  42. Edward Scissorhands
  43. Curly Sue
  44. Revenge of the Nerds
  45. So I Married an Axe Murderer
  46. Rainbow Bright
  47. My Pet Monster
  48. Chip
  49. Mac and Me
  50. Batteries Not Included
  51. Cocoon
  52. Field of Dreams
  53. Krull
  54. Jumanji
  55. The Breakfast Club
  56. War Games
  57. Vice Versa
  58. Brewster’s Millions
  59. Death Becomes Her
  60. The Mask
  61. Weekend at Bernie’s
  62. Soul Man
  63. Back to School
  64. Hackers
  65. The Wizard of Oz
  66. Naked Gun
  67. Naked Gun 1/2
  68. Airplane
  69. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  70. Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure – Large Marge
  71. Evil Dead
  72. Spaceballs
  73. Back to the Future Trilogy
  74. Medicine Man
  75. A Gnome Called Gnorm
  76. Ghost
  77. Ghost Dad
  78. Ghostbusters 1 and 2
  79. Sidekicks (chuck norris/johnathan brandis) “More acid rain in these jaw breakers!”
  80. Look Who’s Talking
  81. Look Who’s Talking Too
  82. Look Who’s Talking Now
  83. Cool World
  84. Bloodsucking Killer Clowns from Outer Space
  85. Silence of the Lambs
  86. White Men Can’t Jump
  87. Beetlejuice
  88. Baby’s Day Out
  89. Bio-Dome
  90. House Party: kid & play
  91. Bebe’s Kids
  92. The Secret Garden
  93. Johnny Mneumonic
  94. Stand by Me
  95. Matilda
  96. Mom and Dad Save the World
  97. The Addams Family
  98. Flubber
  99. Short Circuit
  100. The Toy
  101. Police Academy
  102. Problem Child 1 and 2
  103. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  104. Annie
  105. Clue
  106. Clueless
  107. Porky’s
  108. Encino Man
  109. Stay Tuned
  110. Leonard Part 6  – Bill Cosby saves the world from vegetarians using slices of bologna as weapons…
  111. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
  112. HouseGuest (Starring Sinbad)
  113. What about Bob
  114. Terminator 1, 2
  115. Batman, Batman Returns
  116. Superman, Superman II
  117. Dr. Doolittle
  118. Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead
  119. Weird Science
  120. Men at work (charlie sheen/emilio estevez as garbage men)
  121. Cop and a Half
  122. The Jerk
  123. Vacation
  124. The Three Amigos
  125. Can’t Hardly Wait
  126. Powder
  127. Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom, Raiders of the Lost Ark
  128. Die Hard
  129. Demolition Man
  130. The Road Warrior
  131. Waterworld
  132. Rain Man
  133. Harold and Maude
  134. The World According to Garp
  135. Dumb and Dumber
  136. Dazed and Confused
  137. Pippi Longstocking
  138. Major Payne
  139. Angus
  140. Austin Powers 1, 2
  141. Happy Gilmore
  142. Billy Madison
  143. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
  144. Robin Hood: Men in Tights
  145. Nothing to Lose
  146. Tommy Boy
  147. Black Sheep
  148. Coneheads
  149. Small Soldiers
  150. Grease
  151. Dick Tracy

Disney Movies: (in chronological order)

  1. Snow White
  2. Pinocchio
  3. Fantasia
  4. Dumbo
  5. Bambi
  6. Peter Pan
  7. Lady and the Tramp
  8. Sleeping Beauty
  9. One Hundred and One Dalmatians
  10. Mary Poppins
  11. Winnie the Pooh
  12. The Jungle Book
  13. Bedknobs and Broomsticks
  14. The Rescuers
  15. Pete’s Dragon
  16. The Sword in the Stone
  17. Popeye
  18. Where Toys Come From
  19. Benji
  20. Flight of the Navigator
  21. The Brave Little Toaster
  22. Honey I Shrunk the Kids
  23. The Little Mermaid
  24. Rescuers Down Under
  25. The Rocketeer
  26. Beauty and the Beast
  27. Newsies
  28. Honey I Blew Up the Kids
  29. The Mighty Ducks
  30. Aladdin
  31. Homeward Bound
  32. Cool Runnings
  33. Blank Check
  34. The Mighty Ducks 2
  35. Angels in the Outfield
  36. Heavy Weights
  37. Man of the House
  38. Toy Story
  39. James and the Giant Peach
  40. First Kid
  41. D:3
  42. Jungle to Jungle

Macaulay Culkin Movies: (in chronological order)

  1. Uncle Buck
  2. Home Alone
  3. My girl
  4. Home alone 2
  5. The Good Son
  6. Page Master
  7. Richie Rich

Tom Hanks Movies:

  1. Big
  2. A League of Their Own (also in sports)
  3. The Burbs
  4. The Money Pit
  5. Forrest Gump
  6. Apollo 13

Starring Animals: (not including Disney movies)

  1. The Lion King
  2. Free Willy
  3. Homeward Bound
  4. Babe
  5. Milo and Otis
  6. Feivel (An American Tail)
  7. Fievel goes west
  8. Harry and the Hendersons
  9. Beethoven
  10. The Land Before Time
  11. Jurassic Park
  12. Dunston Checks In
  13. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1, 2
  14. A Garfield Halloween
  15. Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  16. Charlotte’s Web
  17. Monkey Trouble
  18. All Dogs Go to Heaven


  1. The Exorcist
  2. Poltergeist
  3. Jaws
  4. Aliens
  5. Psycho
  6. The Birds
  7. Leprechaun
  8. Gremlins
  9. Critters
  10. Tremors
  11. The Shining
  12. The Fly
  13. Carrie
  14. Lawnmower Man
  15. Child’s Play
  16. Scream
  17. In the Mouth of Madness
  18. Friday the 13th Series
  19. Nightmare on Elm Street
  20. Halloween
  21. The Boogeyman
  22. The Candy Man


  1. Little Giants
  2. The Big Green
  3. Little Big League
  4. Lady Bugs
  5. Rookie of the Year
  6. Angels in the Outfield (also in Disney)
  7. A League of their Own (also in Hanks)
  8. The Sandlot
  9. Major League
  10. Might Ducks 1, 2, 3 (also in Disney)

Action Stars: (with too many movies to mention)

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  2. Steven Seagal
  3. Jean-Claude Van Damme
  4. Jackie Chan
  5. Sylvester Stallone
  6. Bruce Willis


  1. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  2. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  3. A Christmas Story
  4. Muppet Christmas Carol (also in Disney)
  5. It’s a Wonderful Life
  6. Rudolph (claymation)
  7. Miracle on 34th Street
  8. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  9. Frosty the Snowman
  10. Scrooged

Again, I encourage you to leave comments regarding the ones I undoubtedly left out.




(Obligatory Note: although Fight Club came out in 1999, I didn’t see it until after 2000.)




127 thoughts on “Childhood Movies: Growing up in the 90’s”

  1. I just remembered another one that I can’t think of thue name of…..
    It’s about a boy who has a bunch of ghosts for friends, and the ghosts are all people that got killed in a bus accident. Then the ghosts leave him, and later come back when he’s an adult, and cause all kinds of problems for him.
    Can anybody help me out here??

      1. There’s a movie about a man with two children living in a town on the coast, and the youngest [a girl] finds some sort of creature, and the father’s behavior and health mimic the creature, and both the father and the creature become sick-then the girl and her older brother have to work together to cure the creature so their father’s health improves

  2. Looking for 2 movies that I can’t remember the names of. 1. In the beginning of the movie there is a little girl in a barn with a horse. She is either in foster care or living with older relatives. She is lonely and makes a wish upon a star. That’s all I remember. The 2nd movie is about bees. How they work together to make honey. They are both from the early 90s or late 80s. And they are both animated. If anyone could help…

  3. I cant remember the name of the movie but its not a cartoon … where this kid finds these live tiny Dinosaurs and trys to protect them

  4. I have been trying to remember this movie from when I was a kid.. Maybe from 1998 to 2001. The movie was animated & had to do with dreams and a sand man I think.. Please help!

  5. There is a movie I’m trying to find and I just can’t put my mind on the name.. Thinking back it’s a cartoon and I THINK I remember him reading a book and magical things happening..
    On a side note, The Never ending Story has a part 3 as well. And I’m not sure I saw “We’re Back!” or “Indian in the cupboard”

  6. There are 2 movies I’m looking for. I vaguely remember these movies from my early childhood so I apologize for the lack of concrete details.The first one involved a group of younger kids, I want to say teenagers, who somehow become monsters/develop strange mutations. It was more of a PG maybe PG-13 type movie, nothing too intense.

    The second movie involved a group of 3 friends who somehow have their heads chopped off, yet are somehow kept alive. From what I remember there was a sign with the 3 heads talking to one another despite not being attached to their bodies.

    I want to say both movies are from around the early 90’s. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  7. I’m looking for a movie. It is about a abandoned mine that some kind of mythical creatures live in. Thats all I remember. Can anyone help?


  8. do u remember the name of this one movie about like some people about to do a race and the meet a hermit?
    ive been trying to remember this for a while but i have bits and pieces of it .

  9. im looking for a mystery movie about 2 girls whose next door neighbors just moved in and they suspect the husband killed his wife after she goes missing. its not a scary movie. im also looking for another movie about 2 boys and a girl who find stolen diamonds and try to hide them from crooks who used to be in jail with one of the kids fathers

  10. Dunston Checks In (1996)
    A nervous hotel manager has all sorts of monkey business to deal with (actually orangutan business, but you get the idea) in this comedy for the family. Robert Grant (Jason Alexander) is the manager of The Majestic Hotel, a large and highly luxurious five-star facility. Grant is harried, overworked, and wants to take his two sons, Kyle (Eric Lloyd) and Brian (Graham Sack), on a well-deserved vacation, but when the owner of the Majestic, Mrs. Dubrow (Faye Dunnaway), hears that the hotel is being considered for the newly-minted and very prestigious six-star rating by the Le Monde Guide, it falls on Robert to make sure that everything is perfect when the guide’s staff arrives. Since the inspectors will arrive unannounced, Robert has to chase after anyone who looks like they could be a VIP, so he finds himself giving the star treatment to new guest Lord Rutledge (Rupert Everett) when he spots Rutledge using a pocket camera to snap pictures in the lobby. However, Rutledge is actually a skilled jewel thief who has come to the Majestic to take advantage of its wealthy clientele, and he’s arrived with his pet orangutan, Dunston, who has been trained to be Rutledge’s partner in crime. Dunston gets lost in the hotel’s air duct system; Kyle finds the friendly ape and discovers he makes a great playmate, which makes things all the more difficult for Robert. Paul Reubens (aka Pee Wee Herman) also appears as a trigger-happy animal control officer. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  11. There was a movie called “The Quest.” Frog Dreaming, or something like that. 1986? Kid and his friends hear a legend about a creature in a pond and go looking for it, only to find out that it’s a sunken bulldozer, I think. 🙂 I don’t know why, but that movie creeped me out when I was little. I loved it! Also Disney’s “Watcher in the Woods” scared the CRAP out of me and STILL does to this day! LOL! 🙂 To the one who wrote this list, AWESOME job!! Most of the movies on this list are not just 90’s movies, but Generation X (us) movies. We grew up watching these! I wish people still had minds to create movies like they did then. All you get now are remakes that fail, or complete crap! Same goes with music these days. What happened to NATURAL talent?? Amway. This list is fantastic, so thanks!! 🙂

  12. My friends I am looking for a adult movie of something 90s in which a thief comes to a lady room to steal but at that time only she reaches to her room and any how she gaves him a drink with seductive when he wake up he find himself naked tied to a bed and whever she feel she fuked herself with him still in tied possition the actress is doing some sort of editing work for porn movies in the movie and very sexy and hot at last ahe let him free but he come back to he … can any budy give me the name of the movie …

  13. I’m trying to remember a movie… I’m pretty sure it’s about a group of young boys who are on summer holidays..I only remember a few scenes… Theres an ice cream van, they get really bored they leave the hose on and flood the yard and there’s a beehive (like a round one that hangs from the tree) PLEASE HELP!!!!

  14. I’m looking for a movie I used to watch with my grandma. Probably made late 80s or early 90s…

    A young girl, maybe an orphan or living with a older relative or boarding school…. Anyways I remember a scene where she’s sitting in a bench outside a train station…then if I’m not mistaken there were 2 guys coming after her trying to find something. She made all kinds of traps for them in a barn.. And the house had a huge staircase… I think I remember tar and feathers. It was a heartwarming story and always brought a chuckle. Been looking for years for this movie. Any ideas?

  15. Looking for a movie a boy and his dad and the rival boy and dad are at a camp or just on vacation maybe? Someone got stung by a jellyfish in the ocean there was a snake in a cave? I know it’s not much to go on but I watched it with my dad when I was a kid and would like to see it agajn

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