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Donald Trump Presidential Posters

As far as I can tell Donald Trump’s campaign promises (in the event that he would be campaigning for president) would be to prove and re-prove that the current President of the United States of America is not a citizen. After watching a few seasons of The Apprentice, and then Celebrity Apprentice… I think I’ve seen enough of Trump to know that I do not want him in charge of the United States.

I saw a great line on Twitter from @benschwartzy – “I get why Trump thinks he could be President. He already runs a giant, debt-ridden, rapidly shrinking empire.”

For all these reasons, I made a variety of posters to satirize Donald Trump if he does end up running for president.

donald trump president poster born in the usa

donald trump i buy you

by CC Pearce
a guy who does not want Gary Busey as the Chief of Staff

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